Ways To Get Involved

You don’t have to get up on a roof, or know what size screw to put in the vinyl siding – heck, you don’t even need to know how to paint. There are LOTS of ways to get involved with Habitat that DON’T include pounding nails.

  1.  Food! Do you like to make food, cookies, sandwiches, etc.? When our volunteers are on site, it helps them when people bring out a lunch. Not only do they get to sample some of the great cooks of Clinton County, but it helps them get to know each other and the person bringing the food. It can be as simple as cookies or brownies, sandwiches, goulash, or mac & cheese, or as elaborate as you’d like. These guys and gals work up an appetite working on the house – and volunteers LOVE to eat!!! It is truly a blessing to them.
  2. Serve on a committee or work group. There are short-term and longer term committees and work groups. We are currently in need of people willing to serve on the Faith Relations Work Group, the Fund Development Committee and the Gala Work Group. We are also seeking mentors for our current and future home buyers. Two mentors are assigned to every partner home buyers to walk them through the process. They teach them about budgeting, simple home maintenance, saving, neighbor relations and even pets. They help them set up a time schedule for completing their sweat equity hours and have enough savings for when it is time to close. Training is available for all positions – it’s fun and rewarding.
  3. Board of Directors. We are always looking for people who are dedicated to helping people, but want to serve more as a visionary and community advocate than work on the building site. The Board meets every other month – and sometimes additional meetings are added as needed. If you see yourself as a an inventive thinker, you want to help people, and you can help spread the mission of Habitat for Humanity, this might be the position for you!
  4. Small Projects – We get small projects that require help with a handrail, or wheelchair ramp, or painting. Some times those projects are as simple as helping get the newsletter out, or helping in the office. These are usually one-day projects, but your help is needed.

If you see yourself in any of the positions, do not hesitate to call L Quinn. Studies have shown the that the more you connect in your community, the better health you can have. So, do it for you, do it for the community and do it for everyone who benefits from Habitat for Humanity’s mission. You’ll be glad you did!!