Our 2012 Home Building in St. Johns  (Home #7)

In June of 2012, we will begin building our affiliate’s 7th house – this time in the city of St. Johns. The partner family selected to help build and then purchase this home consists of a mother and her three young children. They currently live in a cramped apartment in Ovid. The mother, Kirsten, is employed at the Ovid Health Center.

Our newest partner family consists of Kirsten with her children Scarlet, Brooklyn and Jack.

She says she is looking forward to a safe and secure place for her family and a yard for the children to play in. Kirsten has already begun earning her “sweat equity” hours by volunteering at our St. Johns ReStore.  When the home is completed, Kirsten will purchase the home with a low interest mortgage.




Many Thanks to our Apostle Church Sponsors on this build:

    • First United Methodist Church, St. Johns
    • Pilgrim United Methodist Church, St. Johns.

Also helping to sponsor this build are Adopt-A-Day Sponsors:

      • Employees of the City of St. Johns
      • Kiwanis Club of St. Johns
      • Rotary Club of St. Johns
      • Turning Point Youth Center Employees

Our 2011 Ovid Build  (Home #6)

During July of 2011, we began building our 6th home in Clinton County. The house is located in the village of Ovid and was completed in fall of 2011. The house is now home to Gabby and Luther Senter and their young son, James.

Handing over the keys

Habitat President Michelle Smith (left) hands over the keys to Luther, Gabby and James Senter (far right). The Senters home is located in the village of Ovid.

Many thanks to our Apostle’s Build Church Sponsors who provided the majority of the funding and volunteer labor:

      • United Church of Ovid
      • Salem, Lowe & Maple Rapids United Methodist Churches
      • St. Jude Catholic Church, DeWitt
      • First United Methodist Church, St. Johns
      • St. Joseph Catholic Church, St. Johns
      • Pilgrim United Methodist Church, St. Johns
      • Bath & Gunnisonville United Methodist Churches
      • Church of the Living Word, Ovid
      • Chapel Hill & Crossroads United Methodist Churches, Williamston & East Lansing

Our Wheelchair Ramp Program Helps People Stay in Their Homes

Our wheelchair ramp program helps people with mobility issues stay in their homes.

In addition to building homes, Habitat for Humanity of Clinton County builds wheelchair ramps for qualifying low income families. Our latest wheelchair ramp was built for a lively senior citizen (pictured at left) who recently lost part of her leg – but thanks to her initiative and our wonderful volunteers, her home remains a safely navigable space, easing her gently from her front porch to the pavement.

Do you need a wheelchair ramp or do you know someone who does? See if you qualify for our program.