Adopt a Day Sponsorship Commitment Form

This agreement is entered into on this date __________________________

between Habitat for Humanity of Clinton County and _________________________________________________________________

Habitat for Humanity of Clinton County Agrees to:

1. Provide a fully developed building site, the necessary materials, hire sub-contractors, and obtain the necessary building permits and inspections. Habitat will also provide a qualified, hard-working Habitat homeowner family.

2. Provide opportunities for volunteers from the sponsoring organization to participate in the building project, and a qualified Site Supervisor to assist your group on your project day.

3. Provide lunch on the worksite, a team photo, a Habitat t-shirt for each participant and recognition in press releases and newsletters.

The Sponsor agrees to:

1.   Choose one day in which to work on the Habitat build site – Monday through Saturday between 9 am and 4 pm.  Please see attached Build Schedule (dates are firm within a 30-day window).

2.  Organize and participate in the building project by scheduling and providing a minimum of seven volunteers for one day of the project.

3. Provide $100 per volunteer by the date chosen.  (Funds can be provided through individual pledges or donations, workplace fundraisers, employer/organization match programs or grants.)

4. Support, within its organization and the community at large, the Habitat concept of eliminating substandard housing throughout Clinton County. This includes cooperating with Habitat in any publicity and public relations activities associated with the project.

Accepted on this date: ___________________________________________________

Project Task and Date: ___________________________________________________