Past Builds

House #9:

Coleman Family

Coleman Family in St. Johns 2013


Chad and Christina are both very active pursuing nursing degrees and working to support their family. Chloe and Carly are excited to move to a new house with their own bedrooms! Caleb and Colton (born June 17th, 2013)  were too young to comment, but we’re pretty sure they are excited too.



House #8:


Anderson family in Maple Rapids 2013


The Maple Rapids rehab was a recycled Habitat home completed in July of 2013. Chad Anderson is an incredibly hardworking individual who contributed over 300 hours of sweat equity hours. Tiffany and Brianna each get their own rooms with paint colors they chose!

House #7:


Morence family in St. Johns 2012


Kirsten and her children Scarlett, Brooklyn and Jack Morence live in the first St. Johns home completed in  September 2012. Scarlett was delighted to choose her own room color, purple, and her sibling received their own rooms as well.

House #6:


Senter family in Ovid 2011


Luther and Gabriel Senter, pictured with their son James.






House #5:


Zielinski/Hurst family in Wacousta 2009


Keith Hurst and Michelle Zielinski with their sons Logan and Keigan





House #4:

Picture 588

Ferguson family in Laingsburg 2009


Laurie Ferguson with her son Logan.