wall-raising-photoCome and raise the walls!!!!

Join us for the Elsie wall raising November 12th – 8:30 will be the ground breaking ceremony and after that, the walls will go up! There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a blank piece of concrete go to walls and a roof – the beginnings of a house. We hope you will be able to help us begin the process of homeownership for Jennifer and her children – it doesn’t take much – just your time and willingness to particpate. We need skilled and unskilled alike. We know this will make a difference in Jennifer’s life and her children – and it will be the first new house built in Elsie in over 30 years!!  The more the merrier – the more hands, the lighter the work. Please join us. For questions or to sign up, contact Meredith the Community Engagement Coordinator at 989-227-1771. Thanks in advance for your help!!!  339 W Main St., Elsie, Michigan 48831